Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lapghan #23 of 100


Sandy said...

Thanks for the visit, Sissie. Pretty toes are fun, and something I find quite a treat a few times a year. Cant do them myself, all thumbs!

Love this ripple. Haven't made one in a while but have the itch to do so. Great colors! Did you use back stitch sc? How many did you chain, skip and how many in your peaks. A particularly nice size between hills and valleys. What size was this one finished?

Stop in again, and often.
Gonna add you to my links area so I can find my way back to you easier.

Sandy said...

After clicking to blow up picture I think you used dc?


Anonymous said...

Really like the way the colors fell in this one. I like ripples anyway. Nice job!

Sissie, I am trying to leave a comment for everyone. I will take a break soon and come back again another time and do some more