Sunday, August 10, 2008

The 2008 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece Have Begun

over on crochetville I am participating in the 2008 Crochet games. I have a team also!! we are called Sissie's Team seniors :)I am so very proud to have all the help I am getting to help meet my goal of have 100 Lapghans to give to the seniors here in town for Christmas!

My goal is to make two lapghans 36 X 48. I am working on my first one now and it is a new pattern for me called Raspberries & cream but my squares are not looking like the pic:( most be the colors I am using. so not to sure I am liking this but then I think I might be liking it LOL so I have one square finished so the pattern does work! plus I have all the center 4 rnds finished and 6 of the them that have the lilac center have the next 4 rnds added. This square in worked in two colors so I am making 6 with Peach centers and the other 6 with lilac centers.

will post a picture of the square tomorrow for you to see:)

Cheer me and the other athletes on as we try to reach some lofty goals over the next 16 days!


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