Saturday, August 16, 2008

July 8" squares For CAL

We started a 8" square Crochet - A - Long (CAL) over at my Yahoo group "Crochet Swaps Galore" in July. we will be doing three maybe four squares a month so we will have our friendship afghan ready in a year! I will be sewing mind together as we go. I am just now getting around to doing my first squares LOL
The first squares (top left) is Circle of Friends. second square (top right) is another Granny in the middle. And the third square (bottom) is Eternity Squared. This one was my favorite to do!

follow along with me if you like:)



windy said...

Those look nice.

Jessica @ said...

Mine be right there --->

Sandy said...

I like the variety you've got going with your squares. I have a little book I'm using to make a variety of squares and most of the patterns make 8 inchers; but not all...some inconsistencies in size.

Are you using all one color with each sqaure a different pattern?