Monday, October 6, 2008

Lapghan #82 of 100

This was the fourth set of Squares made and Donated by pineknott from over at the ville and put together and edged by Sandy my best friend, picture taker & Co helper here in town:)

Thank you both for helping me with this Project



Anonymous said...

This looks so Christmasy and would look great in Black and white or gold and brown for tiger or zebra stripes. All the newly added afghans are lovely. You and the ladies are really doing great work and I love looking at the pictures.

Judy said...

Hi, Sissie - thanks for visiting my blog...
Yup, our dogs are our babies. DS is 33 and not we spoil the furbabies. They don't talk back or ask for money, so they're the best kids ever...LOL!

June said...

All of the afghans are so great! You are so lucky to have such good friends to help you out. I will have to get busy on one for you (hope to work on it next). I'm sure you will meet your goal! God Bless!

Kelly A said...

I have loved all of the ghans posted so far what a bunch of talent your support staff
This one is extremely mesmerizing

Wonderful job :)