Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lapghan #84 of 100

This is the second of 2 blankets that kelly made and donated to my seniors! this was part of her Greek games challenge over at the ville this year! I just love this old fashion look to blankets! be sure to stop over at her blog and see all the other great work she does. Thank you so much Kelly for helping me with this



Ghost said...

A keepsake ghan if I ever saw one. Very nice.

Aurora said...

I love the look to this as well

Cherri said...

I love this 'ghan! You're almost there, Sissie!! Horray!!!!!!

Sandy said...

Love this style, very traditional looking. Be on the lookout Sissie, mailed a ghan to you yesterday. If you want a sneak peak...I blogged about in the works, but will put up a picture in just a bit.

Hugs...you're getting really close now to your goal. WEll done