Monday, October 13, 2008

Lapghan #88 of 100

This lapghan was made with squares that Sharon From Stitches of love yahoo group sent me and then Sandy sewed them together and edged it. I think they both did great work on this one! Sharon i would like to have this pattern please:)



Anonymous said...

I love this pattern. It is always so pretty no matter how you work it up.

dusty said...

Hello ya' name is Sandy and I'm the one who has been taking the photos of all the lapghans (which are piled high in my spare room). :-) I would like to take this the opportunity to say how much I enjoyed doing the lapghans for Sissie's project. Thank you my friend for including me. Also I would like to thank you all for your wonderful comments on my work. I would also like to thank you all for each and every beautiful lapghan that we received. One was prettier than the other. Great job, ladies!!! We couldn't have done it without you. Hip Hip for best friend and and coordinater of this wonderful project.

Hug, Sandy aka

Sandy said...

Another awesome one!

Kidget29 said...

I would love to have this pattern Any leads as to where to find it?

sissie said...

I have written to Sharon to see if she can share the pattern with us:)

Thanks for looking