Sunday, October 26, 2008

september group challenge

September was our month to help out Ann with scarves for Compassionate Creations.
This is a cause that Ann started to help Victims of sexual abuse. you can learn more about the cause and help out if you would like to. you can always find Ann over at crochetville:)

everyone did a great job I think! we made a Total of 44 scarves!!!

I would also like to thank Jimbo for offering a Jimbo Hook to the winner of our challenge.

Have you ever used a Jimbo hook?? If you have or if you have seen them
than I know you are going to want one. If not then check out his blog on them! jimbo hand makes them and does an awesome job!!

We will be doing this same challenge again for the month of September 2009! so get yourselves ready to help out and lets double what we did this year!!



Anonymous said...

What a beautiful array of work. Congrats to all who participated.

Jessica @ said...

Awesome! But the one blue heart one I made is for next months challenge woman. :D

Cherri said...

Totally awesome job Sissie! All of you are wonderful! Hugs, Cherri

Anonymous said...

Hi, In response to your comment to me, I have to place it here since I do not have your mailing address...

Thanks for the good wishes. As to a one color ripple if it shows the ripple pattern it would be fine. But I think at least two colors would show the ripple pattern better. Even if it is a large block of one color and divided by maybe a row or two of the second color. but you know that is just my opinion. It has been a long time since I made one too. I want to make more in different patterns. Maybe that will be a family Christmas goal for next years gift giving.

Sandy said...

Nice. I've sent so many scarfs out of late, but this is a group I didn't know about and will have to check them out. Thanks for posting.

(Sissie, am I losing it? I thought you told me the ghan I sent you was received, but maybe you said it wasn't? Wondering since it's not listed in your numbered ghans. My mind has been on over drive, so can't remember for sure what you told me. I don't have it marked off on my list here on the desk.

sissie said...

Jessica I know this but it was so pretty i wanted to add it to the picture just so i can show it off:))

I have it here and it counts for our
challenge this next month:)