Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wall - To - wall Lapghans

This is what a room looks like with 100 Lapghans in it!!:)))

This is pictures of Sandy's two spare bedrooms! looks nothing like the nice clean living room where the picture of the scarves was taken does it? LOL

Look and see if you can find your Lapghan in here somewhere?

Thank you so much Sandy for letting us store all our blankets in your home till the party:) promise you can take pictures of the two rooms after we have removed the blankets so everyone will know you do keep a clean house LOL!!!
Till next year anyway :))

I do love you, you know:))


Cherri said...

I see some of mine!!! LOL! What a great thing you've done! You'll have to let us know how the party goes. I'm looking forward to it.
Hugs, Cherri

Anonymous said...

I sure hope you don't have to ship them all. Hope they are going local. And in the first picture. I see we have the same daybed exactly. Post knobs and all.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh! There's going to be sooo many happy seniors! Major hugs to you and Sandy for doing this!

sissie said...

Nope ghost they are staying right here in town:) the seniors party will be on 12/19 can't wait:))


armymom451 said...

What a wonderful site. You are so awesome Sissie. And all the women who helped make someones life a little brighter. I see my scarves. Gonna make triple that next year.

Jessica said...

That is way many blankets! I see that seniors should be pretty warm this year.

Oh btw I did something & got a blog on here for my crocheting. :D So you should change it from dementedturtle.com to http://crochetjessica.blogspot.com/

June said...

Congratulations on meeting your goal. They all look so wonderful and I know that they will be appreciated! I don't get on C'ville much, too confusing. Couldn't find your message. Love you!

windy said...

That is alot of lapghans

cindybmw2004 said...

I was trying to imagine 100 lapghans, but boy those pictures speak louder than my thoughts! LOL Good Job! :)

Shaylen said...

I am so proud of you sis...are you going to do it again next year??

KimT said...

impressive collection!

Joyce said...


sissie said...

Shaylen I am going to be doing a new thing next year and looks like everyone will help again:) we are going to be making bandages. I will post more about it a little later:) plus our group will be doing more blankets and charitys:)
all ways more to help!

thanks everyone for all the help and for the comments left here:)