Wednesday, November 5, 2008

2009 Charity Project Praying for a 200 Blanket Goal!!

Welcome everyone to our 2009 Charity Challenge
This year I would so love to deliver 200 Blankets to the
"Victory Junction Gang Camp"

Victory Junction Gang opened in June 2004. The Camp is a year-round camp that serves children, ages 6 to 16, with a variety of health issues. During the summer, the Camp offers week-long, disease-specific sessions with up to 128 kids per session. During the fall, winter and spring, family weekends are offered with 32 families per weekend. no child or family has to incur the cost of attending Victory Junction. The children served at Victory Junction are not able to attend normal summer camps due to their unique medical needs.

Each camper at Victory Junction takes home a hand-made afghan as a souvenir from camp.
  • we will be doing 6" & 12" Squares. (This will be a great on for the ladies that love doing the basic 6" granny square)
  • The afghans should be knitted or crocheted with bright, cheerful colors! Our camper unit colors are blue, green, yellow and red and are great choices for afghans! any of the Bright cheerful colors
  • There are no specific design requirements, you can be as creative as you like!(PLEASE!! NO BIG HOLES!)
  • The afghans should be 35-40 inches wide by 45-50 inches long.
  • Round Ripples should be 45 -48 inches across
In addition to an afghan, each camper will also receive a hand-made camp teddy bear or a Vic the Horse mascot.

Here is the link for all you need to know about the camp:

This is a Project that is not really known about to much outside of the NASCAR Family! SO I really do hope and Pray that this will help them and also help get the word out to such a great place that really helps the kids have a great and safe vacation in their life's!!

As in 2008 I will have my friend Sandy (who we are now calling Dusty) here in town helping me with all the picture taking, sewing and storing again (think I need to tell her?) or surprise her

I will be taking our first load down to the camp in May when I will get to meet Carol there

She is the one that gave me this Idea for this year! Thank you so much Carol!!
This would be such a dream come true to be able to take 100 then and then another 100 at the end of the year

so are we up for this challenge? will you all come along with me again in 2009? and lets show everyone what a great Bunch of crocheters & knitters we have here on the Internet

here is the thread I started over at Crochetville and in POST #3 you will fine our Team Button for anyone that would like to use it on your blogs! Thank you Tammy "teakaycee" for making the button for us



Anonymous said...

I would love to help with this one.

Judy said...

You know, squares are easy for me to knock out...grannies won't be too "holey"?


sissie said...

Great glad to have both of you along for this ride:) and yes Judy your granny's will be fine:)


June said...

Sissie: I will see what I can do to help you out with this one! Do you know that you will come right by my house when you go to deliver them? I'd love to meet you and Carol. I am swamped with projects, but will start on this soon! Love you!

windy said...

Of course we can do this. I know we have a great bunch of ladys here on the internet. You can count me in.

Sandy said...

I've donated several ghans to them over the last couple of years. I think they are actually fairly well known, as I've seen them listed as a charity in several different groups that I belong to; they have a good web presence, and I've heard them discussed on the TV several times.

This camp was started as one of the Hole in The Wall Camps, started by the late great Paul Newman. Buying his products is also helpful, as proceeds benefit all his camps.

I've been in touch with the management of the newest camp (still being built), which will be here in my state, and may be able to do a similar thing for them.

Such a worthwhile project. If you'd like to learn more about these fabulous camps, or find one in your area, google Hole in The Wall and Paul Newman.

Great choice on your part for your next project Sissie

Thanks for the encouragement regarding all the goings on with Mom etc. of late. Updates have been posted.


sissie said...

Sandy you will have to let me know what you hear from the new one going up. I saw where they were starting one but have not heard how long before they have it up and running. I know they will be needing blankets when they open also!
I have known about the hold in the wall and the VJGC since it opened. i am a big NASCAR and kyle Petty fan and was sure watching Adam and looking like he was going to be good. such a shame with his loss


sissie said...

June where do you live? I would love to stop and meet you:)