Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lapghan #104

This Lapghan was sewn together by Dusty (sandy in town) with squares that were donated back in April by "teaLady" from over on the Ville. we were 4 short at the time and could not find the colors she had used and she had used all of hers to make these! so "Judianne" from the ville also had some navy and offered to make the ones I needed. well when they got here they just didn't look right with these colors so we waited:) well the other day when i took these squares over to Dusty's to see what we could do (as we are now down to the end and trying to match up the rest of the squares i have here) she looks at them and says I have this off white to match!:)) so I whiped up the 4 squares while I was there and then left her to finish it LOL
great team work here:) Thanks TesLady for the squares and thank Dusty for all the hard work you have done this year helping me:)


P.S. "Judianne yours is next:))


Anonymous said...

Almost last but not least!

Sandy said...

Nice work!