Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Getting ready for our Seniors Christmas Party

This is not even Half of the lapghans here in the bags!! look like we might have to make a couple of trips over to the party on friday!! Of course Dusty and cody both love being in the middle of things and i just love visting them they make me feel good when i am there:)
Isn't Sandy's Christmas tree just the prettiest think you have seen? I love her home and she sure knows how to decorate it up:)

Sandy you are a very dear Friend and i love you and thank you for doing all of this to help me this year! without you and all the other lady's here in my groups and over at Crochetville this would never Have happened!! There is no way i can ever thank all of you enough for caring about me and the seniors to do this!!

I pray the Lord blesses eash and every one of you for all you have done here in the name of Love



Sandy said...

Fun seeing the bags and all. It's coming together. Looking forward to pictures of your seniors party.


Ghost said...

Yes, lovely tree and home,. I thought it was yours. Beautiful. And so many goodies to deliver. Do you feel like Mrs. Santa? Want some cookies and milk?

Aurora said...

Looks awesome......

throughthepriszm said...

Somehow seeing all the bags makes it all seem more real. That's a lot of bags and it's going to be a lot of happy people! Have fun at the party.

Jessica said...

That is so awesome to see some of them ready to go. I hope they help comfort everyone there!