Thursday, February 5, 2009

I have been given a second Award for my blog!

This aware is given to sissie who rallied people here on blogger and over at Crochetville last year to make 100 lapghans to ensure seniors at a nursing home had a better Christmas, and this year is rallying the troops to make ghans for sick children for Victory Gang Camps; one of the late great Paul Newman, Hole in the Wall Camps.

Thank you sandy for thinking of me with this award! That was so sweet of you! now I have to pass it on to five more blogs and that is tough cause there are so many out here!

But here goes:

#1 Cindy's Place for all the charity work you do helping me with all these blankets we make and even finding time to make burial grown for babies! and offering up squares all the time for any comfortghan needed. Cindy you some of the nicest work I have ever seen being it Crocheted or Knitted!

#2 Tammy's place for all you do for charity weather it be making scarves for the Special Olympics or Prayer Blankets for with Children with Nephrotic Syndrome I all ways like stopping here to read your uplifting words in god!

#3 Cherri's Shire For all your Charity work! you are like a crocheting Machine!! You so amaze me with all you do and to help so many people!!

#4 Annie's place for all you have done to get your charity up and running called
"Compassionate Creations" so that we are all able to help you to help Victium of Abuse!

#5 Jimbo's Front Porch for all the hooks he makes for all of us to be able to use in our charity work and for he does to help with the traveling hooks over at Crochetville:)

ok there I have done it:) I am not good at doing this as you just never know who to pass on to as some might not like to do this and of course i never want to hurt any ones feeling and I enjoy every ones blogs and thank everyone that stops by here and supports me in my blog!



Ghost said...

I am so glad you gave one to Cherri. I wanted to give one to her so bad but just didn't have enough to go around. Great choices all.

armymom451 said...

WTG Sissie. Great work. You deserve the award.

Aurora said...

I'm tagging you....go to my blog and follow the rules for the 6th picture challege!

Congrats on the award!!! you really do deserve it.