Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Afghan Made For Hubby

I made this afghan for my Hubby cause he got to where every time he saw me working on one of the blankets he would say "when do you plan on ever making one for me"! Lord I had no idea he even want one(me bad) LOL
and thanks to my friend Cindy who had heard me talking about it started sending me a skein here and there with swaps she would be sending me. and I keep thinking what am I going to do with one skein of this color yarn:)) and then on about the 4th package here comes all the rest of it and she calls me to tell me i now have enough to make John his own afghan!! I never even had a clue!! she is good LOL
the afghan is made out of "I love this yarn"(It is so soft!) and I use the strip genartor that my sister Shay had told me about and helped me pick the right one:)
when i fist started working on it I thought YUCK NO WAY this is going to be so ugly!! you can ask shay & cindy all i did was complan about it LOL but I keep with it and man did It turn out pretty good!:) and the main thing is John had no idea I was making it for him and he loves it! lays under it every night:)

So thank you both Cindy & shay For helping me to make my Hubby a happy & warm man LOL



Anonymous said...

It looks fantastic! I love how the stripe colors turned out.

Zu said...

Beautiful blanket! That was so sweet of your friend to send you the yarn. :-)
A stripe generator?! What a great idea! I'm terrible with figuring out stripe sequences.

Anonymous said...

It looks great! Glad John likes it!

Ghost said...

Men are always full of surprises.

Shaylen said...

It turned out great sis...i want to do another one when im done with my rambling rows.