Friday, May 15, 2009

March Mystery Scarf

Here is my March Mystery scarf from over at The Blue Crab Crochets At Midnight Blog". plus my whatsit from my feb swap with Denise and my Snow White seal from April in our April swap. Are they both so cute?



Ghost said...

I really like the pattern of this scarf. In blue it is so nice. Great job!!

Shaylen said...

I really like that!!1

Sandy said...

Beautiful scarf, just spotted this on as one Sandie's working on. Must get pattern, forgot to do that from her page. Short term memory...yikes.

Stopping into say and again thank you for your sweet support. I'm trying to get back into things.


throughthepriszm said...

It's gorgeous! I love the pattern and I might have to try it on the next section of scarf I do for breast cancer.

Zu said...

I really love the pattern in the scarf. Both ami's are adorable! :-)