Thursday, May 21, 2009

VJGC Blanket #91

This is the fourth blanket (I think:)) That Janny as made and donated to help us reach our goal
Thank you Janny for all you are doing to help here



Kairi said...

I really like this pattern and color choice. Do you know if it is a free pattern?

Janny said...

i just saw your question yes i got this pattern from ErinLindsey's Pile Of Yarn it is her design and it is free it is so easy to do and turns out nice


Sandy said...

You just beat these big squares, no need for fancy stitch work, the colors do it all! What a fun bright cheery ghan.


Ghost said...

Have not been around much or crocheting either for that matter. But I love all the new additions and am proud of all the work others are committed too.

Aurora said...

I think you deserve this award, so check it out above