Saturday, August 1, 2009

Married to a Crocheter -- A Husband Speaks Out

From Robert: "I'd like to take a stand for all of us husbands who live with a crocheter. From years of experience gained from being married to one, there are several bits of advice I feel qualified to give:

Learn not to attempt to communicate with her when a new crochet magazine has arrived until she has scanned it at least twice.

Adjust to all the leftover yarn from all those projects, as it will be stored anywhere available. No place is sacred.

Learn how to buy yarn on your trips to the store, as you do not buy by color alone -- you buy by lot numbers.

Be prepared to be totally amazed at the results of your wife's handiwork with hook and yarn, especially with all the money she saves in gifts.

Learn to show the appropriate sympathy and compassion as she unravels hours of labor after finding out that a mistake has been made either by herself or the pattern publisher.

A lady from my Crochet Group shared this with us and I thought it was cute and wanted to share also:)

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Sandy said...

Priceless....I must show this to my hubby. He's got some good advice there for sure.

Should add one item...don't attempt to talk to her when she's counting stitches. lol

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