Monday, September 8, 2008

Lapghan #58 of 100

This was the second RR Lapghan that pat54 made for Team Seniors Challenge over at the ville
I love the pinwheel look:)
thank you so much for helping



Sandy said...

Love this...very pretty, looks a little different pattern than some of the star ones I've seen. What is RR?


Ok, Sissie use this as a test. You should be able to click on my name here in my comment on your blog and be taken directly to my blog. Let me know how it goes.


Sandy said...

Ok, from my post here on blog, I clicked on my name, and was taken to my profile page, came back to your page, and clicked on my picture and was taken there as well; but didn't see any email thing?

Let me know

sissie said...

A RR is: Round Ripple:)

Anonymous said...

Everyone's talent is showing and this is a very showy afghan.