Monday, September 8, 2008

Lapghan #59 of 100

This is the eighth Lapghan Made and donated by Sandy my Best Friend and Co helper on this project who lives here in town.
you are making some of the prettiest blankets sandy:)
Thank you so much for helping on this:)



Aurora said...

That is gorgeous!!!

Chars said...

What a beautiful afghan.

Jessica @ said...

This really does make a great afghan! I believe that is the one I am going to use for the blue yarn I just got to make you a manly blanket.

Rachel said...

very nice! :)

Sandy said...

Beautiful! Your friend Sandy does beautiful work!


Sandy said...

I clicked on my name in your list and it takes me to my page.

Guess we can't be good at crocheting and, or at least I'm not.


Sandy said...

RR= round ripple...thanks, I should have figured that out. Your posts went right to my blog, like my comment here goes on your blog.

I think I always hit comment though rather than reply, but the wording might have to do with what template we're using?

But, the important thing is we can get back and forth to each others blog and communicate. We may never figure out the previous snafu.


Ghost said...

You are one of my award winners for the "I Love Your Blog" award. Please see my blog and save your award button to post on your blog. All the rules are contained there.

Sandy said...

Pop over, I nominated you for a blog I love to read award.


sissie said...

Ghost i can not get to your blog:((

Ghost said...

There is a lot of work in this ghan. I have used this pattern before and it is very dense. Nice work and colors.