Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lapghan #60 of 100

Made and donated by susan from over at Crochetville. I love the way the brown & black look together. Thank you susan!



Sandy said...

Popping back in, don't want to miss any of the ghans. Very cool. I noticed you said you can't get to Ghost's blog. For some reason she has her ID blocked, so when you click on her name and or her ghost avatar you get the ID page with no info and you do not get to her page. Go to my page, scroll down to the list of blogs I like to read and you can get her blog from my link there. I've not mentioned it in a while to her; but I think she has her settings that way.

As always, love to have visitors, please stop in.

Ghost said...

this one looks like a maze puzzle.