Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lapghan #63 of 100

Squares made and Donated by pineknott from over at the ville and put together and edged by Sandy my best friend, picture taker & Co helper here in town:)

Thank you both for helping me with this Project



Anonymous said...

All of these ghans are so lovely and such variety.

Sandy said...

Very pretty, once again I like the colors pineknott has chosen.

Left you comments on ghans 60-6l-62. I was unsure if you looked back and would see them, or whether you had all post comments emailed to you so you knew they were there?

I do see the little envleope thingy you were talking about before. Apparently, when you tried to let me know about the squares you clicked on the envelope to email me instead of comment to leave me a note on the blog. I think, I set my blog up to not have email and thus didn't get your email. Not positive, but I think ...think being the key word lol, thats what I figured out from comparing several blogs.

Anyway, hope you're able to post your award, and hope you'll visit, welcome mats out and your coffee's getting cold.