Monday, September 22, 2008

My First Award!!

Thank you Sandy for honoring me with my first ever Award!
I think this award needs to go to all the great ladies that are helping me in reaching my goal for the 100 Lapghans needed for the seniors here in my town this year:)
For I know without any of you here that are helping me I could not have gotten it done!!

So here's everyone's Award for being Great Ladies and having the gift of crochet & caring Hearts to help others!!



Anonymous said...

Congrats to you Sissie.

KimO said...

Way to go Sister!

sissie said...

Thanks you:)
Ghost I can not get to your blog:((
Sandy I removed your post since you had your email in it, didn't want to see it spread all over the net:)

Shaylen said...

Great many more Sis???

Sandy said...

Thanks Sissie for compliment on the Olmypics Scarfs, I ended up frogging my 4th one, the one I was in the process of knitting. Just didn't like the way it was shaping up. Hoping to restart it today, but belief I'll go back to crocheting with this yarn and get these scarfs in the mail asap.

Here's my email ady's again