Monday, January 12, 2009

Meet Hope

Wanted you all to meet "HOPE" I made her for my Secret Santa Partner Tammy For Christmas but wanted to make sure she had her before i showed her off:) I did not name her Tammy did and I think this is a great name for her.



Sandy said...

That takes me back, when I was a kid a lady had a little craft shop in her basement, I love to go there even then and look at all the crocheted stuff. A bit of foreshadowing

Hi Hope!

Thanks Sissie, I'll make a note about 6's and 12's.

12 already........awesome


Aurora said...

Awesome job!! She is so very pretty.

Ghost said...

Wow! She is adorable and what a treat to have it displayed on your bed or sofa. Lovely work Sissie. I know Tammy has got to be so happy.

Luna said...

Thanks for visiting my blog ,Yes, i felt in love with this pattern that i mostly make one every day...after work ..i use to make the beautiful doll you have posted in your blog but i lost the pattern of the dress ( shoulders ) that's why i stop making them ,I still have one ,I might have to start trying it again with the old dress.Thank You mom and have a beautiful day.